One of THOSE Days: Teaching Sick

I woke up sick this morning throwing up, dizzy, from a sinus infection. Because it is simply to hard to get plans together unless you have a "You are going to be sick warning," the night before, I headed to school.

Still being sick when the kiddos arrived, and throwing up in the garbage under my desk right before their eyes, I stated. "I am not feeling good today." "Duh!" Their faces told me!

I am pretty dizzy. So if I pass out, here are your jobs. Girls I need to you stay with me and tend me. Boys I need you to run to the office to get help. "Okay!" They said eagerly (truly hoping that I would pass out). Then, we started the day with what else, free-choice. And yes, after I made it through the day.... I went straight to the doctors to get some much needed antibiotics.

Teaching. The only career where it is easier to go to work sick than to stay home.

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