Common Core Assessments For Kindergarten

The Common Core Standards present learning goals for students across the United States. They represent some of the highest standards found in the nation. Furthermore, they are benchmarked to international standards. 
The Common Core Standards provide clear goals for student learning, a veritable roadmap to success. The standards not only help teachers ensure that students attain the skills and knowledge necessary for educational success, but they also help parents and students set clear and realistic goals.
The Common Core Standards do not dictate teaching methods or materials, therefore assessment is crucial to determining what skills and information a student needs. Regular assessment provides the means for planning instruction, providing intervention, and setting future goals. 
Our assessment documents are designed for assessing the common core standards in kindergarten. They list every kindergarten mathematics and/or Language Arts standard and provide an assessment for each one. Different portions of the standards are addressed separately, so teachers and parents will know exactly what a student does and does not understand about each standard.

With the adoption of the Common Core Standards, these assessment meets a critical need. In addition to thoroughly addressing each standard, they serve as an organizational tool for gathering information about the mathematical strengths and weaknesses of kindergarten students. This resource will help you learn more about your students and help you determine the focus of your instruction.
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