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Laminator: Deal of the Day

If you don't have your own personal laminator at home or in your classroom, Check out Amazon's Deal of the day, only $14.99

Time for Kindergarten Writing

These "Writing Center Activities" are perfect for your new kindergartners!

Contents Include the following activities along with Two beautiful word walls.
I Can Label
Making a List
Writing a Story
Writing The Room

You may wish to also purchase these writing anchor charts and/or see how to set up your week of writing activities.

Animal Zoo: Early Reading Games

If you love teaching letters and sounds using lovable animal characters, you will enjoy this product: Animal Zoo: Early Reading Games.

Contents Include:

Animal Alphabet Flashcards
Alphabet Zoo Match-up: Matching Animal to Beginning Letter
Alphabet Zoo Beginning Sounds
Zookeepers: Letter Recognition
Write the Room: Alphabet Zoo
Alphabet Zoo Bingo

Back to School Excitement

This weekend I was able to spend some time with my favorite tots. The 6 year old is so excited for a new beginning in 1st grade. He has great hope for a teacher that will love him, nurture him and care for him. He showed me his new backpack at least 10 times.

The kids who enter our classrooms are precious souls, and it is our job to love them. Here is my yearly motto. It serves me well.

Setting Up the Classroom

As educators are setting up their classrooms for a brand new school year, may educating the Whole Child be foremost in their thoughts. The areas for discovery are the most important areas in our classrooms!

Teacher Please Love My Child

Last year my grandson T. had a kindergarten experience that made me sad indeed.

Instead of waking up each morning with joy for learning, he cried and complained he didn't want to go. He would return home from school with his shirt completely chewed up from nervousness and anxiety. When we teach in ways that are developmentally inappropriate, we take the excitement out of their adventure, we remove the joy that learning should be. Hopefully this year will be much better for him, and for all children everywhere!

Sticks and Curves: Uppercase Handwriting Worksheets

If you love Handwriting Without Tears, or just looking for a quality product for early learners, you will love this Uppercase Letter Formation product! There are two versions. The one page version included in the preview, and a 2 page version that may be easier for little hands to manipulate.

Developmentally appropriate practices are especially important when it comes to the teaching of letter formation. These worksheets will fill that bill. Each worksheet is interactive and is completed in five steps.
1. Student cuts along dotted line.
2. Student cuts out sticks and curves.
3. Student glues the white pieces on the black letter.
4. Student traces and then writes the letter practicing the stick and curves.

5. To complete the page, the student can color the pictures that begins with the letter sound.

As with all of our products! Classroom tested and Developmentally Appropriate for Early Learners.

Students cut the two curves and 1 stick apart

Student Paste Pieces on Letter and Trace/Write