Jungle and Zoo in Kindergarten

My classroom is slowly transforming into a Jungle Delight! My playhouse is the Jungle, my science center is the zoo, and my reading and writing centers are a celebration of jungle/zoo animals.

We are having a lot of fun as we stray true to the tenants of the Common Core Standards by using two of our great units. Check them out at our online stores!

Earth Day Thematic Unit

Celebrate Earth Day, Arbor Day, or any day when it comes to saving our planet and celebrating Earth! A common core thematic unit!

Cinco de Mayo Thematic Unit

Viva la Mexico!

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in a grade way by using this great 136 page thematic unit that is strategically linked to the Common Core Standards.

Contents Include:

Scripted Literacy Lessons:
Cinco de Mayo: Attending to Key Detail in Text
The Sombrero Circle: Identifying High Frequency Words
Fiesta: Decoding Words With Blends, Digraphs, Silent E
Mexican Hat Dance: Fluently Reading Sight Word and CVC Sentences

Independent Activities: 
Fill The PiƱata: Segmenting Words                                                         
de Colores: Using Spanish Color Words                                                 
 Mi Amigos: Writing CVC Words
Scripted Math Lessons With Independent Options:
Number Match: Matching Number to Quantity With Spanish Words
Party of Ten: Making Combinations of Ten
Jumping Beans: Finding Answers to Equations

Independent Activities: 
Maraca Equations : Writing Equations
Cinco de Mayo Math: Adding and Subtracting                                                   
Math Journal: Ten Amigos in All

Mexico Word Wall
Writing Prompts: Mexico

Guided Reading Books
Cinco de Mayo

Mexican Jumping Beans

Dramatic Play
Fiesta Supply Store

dulce de leche

Art Projects
Tissue Paper Flowers
Flowing Head Dress
Mexican Vest
Mexican Hat
Paper Bag Maraca

Do you want this unit for free? Click on the sidebar link to The Teacher's Notebook event.

Castles & Fairy Tale: Common Core Thematic Unit

This great unit is available at both of our online stores!

Strategically teach the common core standards and have a lot of fun as well using this 122 page thematic unit. 

Contents include:

Shared Reading Activities:
Retelling a Story: Sequencing a Familiar Story
Once Upon a Time: Identifying Story Elements

Scripted Literacy Lessons:
My Kingdom: Distinguishing Between Similarly Spelled Words.
Kiss a Frog: Sight Words
Race to the Rose: Decoding Words
Spinning Gold: Counting Syllables

Independent Activities: 
Story Boxes: Retelling Familiar Stories
Digraph Pairs: Identifying Digraphs
Grandma’s House: Writing Simple Words

Scripted Math Lessons With Independent Options:
Knight School: Making Sums of 10
Climb the Beanstalk: Identifying Missing Numbers
Cinderella’s Shoes: Adding Fluently

Independent Activities: 
Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Comparing and Writing Numbers
Dance All Night: Telling Time
Rapunzel’s Tower: Comparing Measurements

Fairy Tale Word Wall
Writing Prompts: Fairy Tales, Dragons
Writing Center Activities: 
How To, Label It, Make a List

Guided Reading Books
Jack & The Beanstalk


Magic Bean Seeds

Art Projects

Draw a Castle
Castle Construction
Frog Prince Construct
King or Queen Construct


Poof! I’m a Giant

Kathleen and her students have  been getting a little bit of rain in Idaho, so it seemed like a perfect time to make a rainy day picture. Using two half-sheets of paper, students made kids carrying umbrellas. We started with triangle coats and rectangle arms. Students then designed their own umbrellas and handles. After adding boots, the kids painted raindrops - we used liquid waterpaint and long q-tips for the brushes.

This is a fun project whether the weather is rainy or not! For detailed directions and a portfolio page, check out our Spring unit.

Color Mixing

Mixing colors is a great way to use science process skills. With just a little bit of food coloring and water, students can observe, experiment, draw conclusions, and record their findings. 

Mix the primary colors in jars, then pour a small amount of each in separate frosting or butter tubs. Provide test tubes (Oriental Trading) or clear plastic containers and eye droppers for color mixing. Students will repeat the experiment again and again and again!

For detailed instructions and a scripted lesson, check out our Spring unit (It’s a Spring Thing).