The Circus: Thematic Common Core Essentials.

Teach Common Core Standards the fun way by using our Thematic Common Core Essentials!
Our brand new unit is The Circus! My students loved this unit, especially trying their hand at Clown College.

Contents Include:

Literacy Lessons:

Scripted Activities: 
Clown College: Reading Sight Word Sentences
The Ringmaster: Reading Sight Words
Silly Words: Naming Sounds to Decode Words
Race Around the Big Top: Segmenting Words

Independent Activities: 
Family Words Worksheet

Math Activities
Scripted Activities
Orchestra Patterns: Repeating and Creating Patterns
Battle: Comparing Numbers and Identifying Which is Greater
Shapes Around the Room: Identifying and Copying Shapes
Big Top Math: Adding and Subtracting

Independent Activities: 
Clown Combinations: Adding Numbers
Circus Math: Addition and Subtraction Worksheets


Word Wall: The Circus
Writing Prompts: Circus Clown, The Circus
Writing Center Activities:  Write It, How To, Label It, My List
Class Book: The Circus Clowns

Guided Reading Books
Clown College

Pepper: A Magic Trick
Lions and Tigers and Bears: Making Comparisons

Art Projects
Circus Train
The Elephant
Paint a Clown
Clown Hat

Jungle, Safari, and Zoo, oh my!

One of my favorite units to do in my classroom are Jungle, Safari and Zoo. We have two great units that are packed full of great ideas that are all explicitly linked to the Kindergarten Common Core Standards. 

Here is a peek at into my "It's a Jungle in Here" Classroom

Our Cooperative Art Wall Display

Our Writings, "If I Ran the Zoo"

The Tiger: A cooperative effort of four students.

The Lion: A cooperative effort of four students.
The Giraffe: A cooperative effort of four students.
The Alligator: A cooperative effort of four students.
The Peacock: A cooperative effort of four students.
The Zebra: A cooperative effort of four students.

Our Monkeys! Full instructions are included in our unit.

The Jungle Playhouse

The Zoo Science Center

The Wild Reading Area

Kindergarten Graduation Craftivity and Graduation Essentials

Celebrate a Great Year of Learning!

Contents include:
  1. A “Graduation Me” Craftivity and bulletin board display
  2. Graduation Invitation (Two Size Choices)
  3. Graduation Program Cover (Black and White)
  4. Graduation Program Cover (Full Color)
  5. Graduation Diploma (Black and White)
  6. Graduation Diploma (Full Color)

Seed in a Bag

Learning about the parts of a plant takes on a new dimension when planting a bean seed in a baggie. The leaves, stem, and roots are all visible in the bag. In less than two weeks, students can see the stages of plant development. They can see the baby plant as soon as it pushes its way through the seed coat, examine the roots, measure the stem, and watch as the leaves unfurl and grow. Changes occur almost daily, so students enthusiastically make observations and comparisons.

This exciting science activity fits in with many units; plants and spring are obvious choices, but if you think outside the box it can fit into a dinosaur or fairy tale unit!  For detailed instructions, visit our online store and check out our 

Mebook for the End of the Year

  • Simply assist students to fill out their “Mebook” page. 

  • You can add this page to your student’s portfolio.

  • And/or compile all pages to make a classroom book, and make a copy for each student as a cherished memory of their school year.

Painting Mother's

Yes, there is no other like my mother! Happy Mothers day 2013!

Add a Buzz to Games

If you’re looking for something to motivate your students, try using answer buzzers. This Learning Resources product  is available at Learning Resources, Calloway House, Amazon, and many other places. It adds fun and excitement to almost any game, lesson, or skill review. 

Students can hit a buzzer to answer a question or identify a sight word. They can also buzz in when completing a fluency exercise. However you choose to use them, answer buzzers will help keep your students engaged in learning! 

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