Kindergarten Testing

I have been testing kindergartners all day and it reminds me of this great article. Pressure Cooker Kindergarten.

Thank goodness for Kindergarten Teachers everywhere that are trying hang on to Developmentally Appropriate Practices!

My New Classroom

First off, here is my new school:
The school is amazing! My classroom has finally transformed from a giant pile of boxes to a room ready for 5 year olds!
A view from the door.

Drama Center

Science Center

Reading Center

Guided Reading & Writing Center

Whole Group Carpet Area

Listening Center

Technology Center (ipads go on the blank tables.)

Teacher Area

Writing Center

Math Center

Art Center

Whole Group Table Area

Construction Center

Excited about the Technology in the Classroom!

I have always wanted a Document Camera!

Kindergarten Common Core Posters For Math: Black & White

Do you need or want to post your common core standard that will be the focus of your day or lesson? These posters are written as "I can" statements that can be easily read to or by students and quickly understood by adults that enter your classroom.

The best part! These posters are ink friendly. They are created in black and white so that you can mount on any color you would like to add a splash of color. They can also be easily sized to your liking on any copy machine.