Mitten Mania: Thematic Common Core Curriculum

All children love the traditional tale, "The Mitten!" Expand on great literature, reach across the curriculum, and strategically teach to the common core standards as you enjoy bringing Mitten Mania into your classroom.

Table of Contents:

Shared Reading Activities

The Mitten: Retell a Story
Mitten Poetry Activity: Group Reading Activity

Scripted Literacy Activities:

Little Lost Mittens: Reviewing Early Phonics and Phonological Skills.
Shake and Fill Mittens: Reading and Writing CVC Words
Warm Mittens: Naming Sounds or Reading Nonsense Words
The Kittens’ Mittens: Naming Alphabet Sounds

Independent Literacy Activities:

Makin’ Mittens: Reading Sight Words
The Lost Mitten: Producing Rhymes
Mitten Colors: Reading Color Words

Math Activities:

Mitten Spots: Naming Numbers Fluently
The Mitten Shop: Counting by Tens
Mitten Bingo: Identifying Numbers 11-30
Mitten Problems: Decomposing Numbers

Independent Math Activities:

Mitten Sort: Sorting Mittens by Shape
Mitten Pairs: Understand Number, Quantity Relationships
Mitten Numbers: Writing Numbers from 0-20.
Dice Mitten Throw: Adding Dice

Writing Prompts/Word Wall

My Mittens 
Who Will Crawl Into My Mitten?
Mitten Word Wall

Class Book

Millions of Mittens 
Guided Reading Books
The Mitten: Level A
The Mitten Level C

Art Projects

Mitten Art
Mitten Wreath
The Mitten Retelling Puppets


Oh Where, Oh Where
Fuzzy Mittens
The Mitten

Christmas Around the World

We are having a great trip around the world!
Please check out our Christmas Around the World Unit.
We made this by fingerpainting butcher paper with different shades of blue, and making it into a large circle. We added green, fingerpaint Continents and of course we didn't want to forget the South and especially the North poles!

Tragedy in Connecticut

And suddenly all other problems are small. 
The greatest blessings to those who morn 
and love to those we teach.