Holidays Around the World

This is a great companion piece to our Christmas Around the World PreK-1 or Christmas Worldwide 1-3 units. Or, this unit will stand perfectly alone as your class explore cultures and diversity.

Literacy Lessons 
Eid: Reading Sight Words
Eid Variation: Reading Alphabet letters
Happy Kwanzaa: Reading Nonsense Words
Spin the Dreidel: Naming Alphabet Letters
Spin the Dreidel Variation: Decoding CVC Words
Follow the Lamps: Blending and Segmenting Words

Art Projects
Eid: Crescent Moon
Kwanzaa: Kinara
Hanukkah: Star of David
Hanukkah: My Menorah
Diwali: Rangoli


Scrapbook Pages:

The Dreidel Song
Diwali is Here

Assessment Probes made Easy

We use these great assessment tools as our mid-term and end of trimester benchmarks. They work great! Their validity and reliability are without question.

However we were looking for a product to use as probes between assessments to compliment the Dibels we currently use; as its narrow benchmark does not fully meet our needs.

And what did we find? The perfect benchmark assessment tool!

Check it out. Add promo code B7227 at check out to receive $40.00 off of the already low price.

Top 50 Early Childhood Education Blogs

Kindergarten Kiosk has been named as one of the 
"Top 50 Early Childhood Education Blogs!"

Click on the picture above to view the entire list. 

Bears in Kindergarten

We have been studying bears this week, and will continue into next week. Bears is a great unit to study fiction and non-fiction and make comparisons.

The non-fiction study easily lends itself to studying key details in text. The fiction study is a great way to make the elements of a story come alive!

Story Elements

Key Details in Text

Bringing Story Elements to Life

Lite Bright Letters

Do you have access to an old Lite Brite? 

These “vintage” toys can be a great tool for introducing or reviewing letters or sight words. Just lift the screen off the Lite Brite and put it on a desk or other flat surface. Next, place a black piece of construction paper on the screen. Write the desired letter(s) or sight word on the paper using a white crayon. Place the screen and black page back on the Lite Brite and turn it on. Instruct students to push in pegs only on the white lines - the hole placements will usually be apparent. Your students will enjoy this activity for days!

The Three Bears

Who doesn't love The Three Bears! This thematic includes fun and engaging common core based activities.

Contents include: 

Shared Reading Lessons

Three Brown Bears: Analyzing Directionality and Word Spelling
Story Element Cards: Analyzing Key Details

Literacy Lessons:
A Bowl of Porridge: Naming Letters (Alternate: Decoding Words)
Rhyming Friends: Matching Rhymes
Goldie Comes to Visit: Blending Phonemes into Words
Bear School: Speaking Complete Sentences

Math Lessons:

Bear Play: Decomposing Numbers less than 10
Porridge Yum Plus One: Adding one to create a sum that is one larger
Race in the Woods: Comparing Numbers
Sweet Baby Bear: Counting Forward

Independent Activities
Three Bear Number Hunt: Writing Numerals to match quantity.
Goldilocks Goes to School: Identifying quantity using Ten-Frames and writing numerals

Art Projects
Three Bear Construct
Three Bear Puppets


Three Bear Word Wall
I Can Label It
I Can Write a Story
Writing Prompts: 
The Three Bears

Social Studies

My Family: A Family Home-Connection Sheet

Guided Reading Books

The Three Bears (Two Levels)

Three Brown Bears

Bear Unit for Early Learners

We have a "Beary" Fun week in store!

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I have linked with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten as her Peek and my Week inspires all.