Justifying Kindergarten Play

These signs are available for each center to justify learning through play.

Because my, "I am in Kindergarten Sign" that I posted on Facebook a few days ago has now reached over 120,000 reaches, I have renewed hope for the developmental appropriateness of kindergarten! Yes kindergarten teachers, we can do it! Let's take back kindergarten!

 We can keep the "Learning Through Play" in kindergarten. And, we can keep this play, discovery, movement, and excitement while even teaching the Common Core Standards!  It is the presentation of the material that makes the difference.

Instead of desk sitting, carpet sitting, and worksheet doing, these concepts can be taught by using proven early childhood methods: games, experiments, choice, dramatization, retelling, and many more. One comment on my post stands out...

"I learn through play! Sitting makes me restless and I end up in time out. PLEASE LET ME BE A CHILD!!!"