The Perfect Kindergarten and Preschool Assessment Package.

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Are you Looking for the Perfect Preschool or Kindergarten Assessments?

I use the assessments below in my classroom, I have tried to perfect these assements for years, and I truly believe them to be the perfect kindergarten and Pre-K. assessment packets. And, yes, they are strategically linked to the common core. Last year I found ESGI and it completely transformed the administration and data collection of these assessments.

Before ESGI, I ran a copy of the assessments for each student, had an organized assessment binder for both math and reading, and then spent hours transferring the data to a spreadsheet that automatically color-coded the students to red, yellow and green. This took me HOURS of time!

But ESGI has changed all of that, it is literally Click Click Done! Now, I test my students on the iPad using my tried and true authentic assessments, have immediate data results and all of the tools necessary to utilize this data to improve student learning.

I have partnered with ESGI and now, all of my assessment are right there ready for everyone to use to enhance their own paper copies. And yes, you can even customize your own tests if you wish! Simply click here  on this ESGI link  and sign up for a free 60 day trial. Remember to enter the promo code B7227.