Velcro Fabric Bulletin Board Background

Old Fabric
Old Fabric 15 years later
I bought this velcro fabric by the yard 15 years ago at a conference on children's literature. They were advertising the fabric to make story aprons. But, of course, my teacher lightbulb turned on, and I was wondering what it would be like as bulletin board background. It was expensive, about $10.00 a yard, but I decided to bite the bullet and try it! What a great investment. This fabric never fades, never looks old, and is still as bright as the day I bought it.

This year I decided it was time to purchase another 3 yards and do another bulletin board.  I found Industrial Webbing on line and I thought I would give them a try. (I just googled velcro fabric, there are other sellers of this product. The total for 3 yards with shipping was $109.00. Now that sounds expensive for a bulletin board, but remember, my original purchase is 15 years old and still looks brand new. When I add up the countless rolls of fadeless paper that I have bought in the last 15 years for my other boards, it makes the velcro fabric seem like a deal. (And it is fire marshall friendly).

New fabric
Just add velcro hook side
I just opened the package today and I am thrilled. The blue is a little duller than my original bright blue, but it is great. Here it is up on the board ready to be my word wall. (The old fabric is now on my poetry center board, I can hardly wait for the difference it will make there). The fabric works perfect for my words. I simply put a dab of velcro on the back and viola! they are ready to stick where you need them. The words easily pull off to hand kids that need a close look, and easy to rearrange when you need to alphabetize a new word.

When I am finished putting my classroom back together, I will take a picture of the completed word wall.