Best Ever Kindergarten Assessments

These “best selling” assessments has just gotten better, and now offers a digital option to save you paper 
and valuable time! 

These documents serve as organizational tools for gathering information about language arts and math strengths and weaknesses of kindergarten students. Using these assessment, you will learn more about your students and will more easily determine the focus of your instruction.

If relying on the paper copy, one assessment form should be copied for each student. Due to the necessity of assessing students at regular intervals during the school year, the documents provide a space to record information for different assessment periods. The first assessment is in the trimester format (with benchmarks provided). Following this assessment is one that is generalized, to fit the format of varying school years.

The next pages of the assessment packets are student copies and examples of a checklist or report card that you may wish to use when reporting to parents.

With this 3rd addition, there is big, important announcement! 

I have partnered with ESGI! 

ESGIYou will love the ease that ESGI gives this product. I have done the work for you; all of these tests are there: click, click, done. Simply click on the test explorer tab (within ESGI) and look for my name: Kathy Crane to find the correct tests. (Important: At the very end of the testing documents are screen shots of how to organize your tests on ESGI to correlate with the paper copy).

 Even if you are not sure whether paperless testing and data retrieval is for you, you will want to take advantage of their free 60 day trial! Simply go to click on the orange button!

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