The Circus: Thematic Common Core Essentials.

Teach Common Core Standards the fun way by using our Thematic Common Core Essentials!
Our brand new unit is The Circus! My students loved this unit, especially trying their hand at Clown College.

Contents Include:

Literacy Lessons:

Scripted Activities: 
Clown College: Reading Sight Word Sentences
The Ringmaster: Reading Sight Words
Silly Words: Naming Sounds to Decode Words
Race Around the Big Top: Segmenting Words

Independent Activities: 
Family Words Worksheet

Math Activities
Scripted Activities
Orchestra Patterns: Repeating and Creating Patterns
Battle: Comparing Numbers and Identifying Which is Greater
Shapes Around the Room: Identifying and Copying Shapes
Big Top Math: Adding and Subtracting

Independent Activities: 
Clown Combinations: Adding Numbers
Circus Math: Addition and Subtraction Worksheets


Word Wall: The Circus
Writing Prompts: Circus Clown, The Circus
Writing Center Activities:  Write It, How To, Label It, My List
Class Book: The Circus Clowns

Guided Reading Books
Clown College

Pepper: A Magic Trick
Lions and Tigers and Bears: Making Comparisons

Art Projects
Circus Train
The Elephant
Paint a Clown
Clown Hat