Developmentally Appropriate, Family Friendly Homework

For more than two decades I have sent home monthly homework packets with my students. Why?

  1. Because, all parents want the best for their child.
  2. Because, parents are partners and deserve to be given the tools to help their child succeed.
  3. Because, homework time between parent and child can be a bonding time.
  4. Because, homework offers opportunity to develop responsibility, time management, and persistence.
  5. Because, homework increases student academics.
  6. Because, homework improves study skills.
  7. Because, homework enhances parent understanding of classroom academics.
  8. Because homework does not have to involve worksheets.
  9. Because, homework can be given that is respectful of parent's valuable time.
  10. Because, homework can and should be fun!
Following are samples pages from my monthly homework packets. These packets are fun, engaging, flexible and easy to use. Best of all, children love them, they increase academic performance and allow parents to be true partners in their child's education.