End The School Year in Song

This great end of the year song, written by Steven Vogel, can be found here. The children enjoy singing its thoughtful melody, and certainly washes the brains with endorphins.

We are preparing for our kindergarten graduation, and this is one of our songs. I will be posting a free poster for each of our five songs, one each day for the next five days.

If you love adding sign language to your classroom, visit Signing Savvy. This is the go-to sign language resource. I also like Baby Sign Language as it simplifies the process. And then of course, if you get real serious you can invest in Signing Time, a program that builds language and vocabulary as well as signing.

Whether you are planning a graduation like my kindergarten block, a celebration, or simply want some great end of the year songs to celebrate your classroom community, remember to stop by daily to pick up your free poster and glean a few end-of-the-year hints and/or projects along the way.