Measurement - Data, And The Kindergarten Common Core

In addition to working with numbers, kindergarten students should also be introduced to measurement and data. As students work to meet the three standards of Measurement and Data, they note measurable attributes such as length and weight, make comparisons, and sort and categorize information. Through exploration in these areas students gather, organize, analyze, and interpret information about the world around them.

If you haven't tried a full-blown science center before, try setting up a center on measurement. Start simple with some rice and measuring cups, then build from there.

This packet, Measurement and Data, includes seven lessons or activities to help your students understand the standards of Measurement and Data. 

The lessons vary in style and format. Many lessons can be used with small groups while others can be completed with a large group. All lessons can be adapted to support struggling students or to challenge high-achieving students.

Then, for some thematic fun, enjoy the measuring lessons found in this comprehensive thematic unit, Giants, Trolls and the Big Bad Wolf.