Making Snowflakes

Although true snowflakes are hexagons, a square is the perfect way to help young children learn how to independently cut snowflakes!

And as everyone knows, all kids love to make snowflakes! In fact, they can go through a ream of paper in a very short time. If you are low on that precious commodity, kids are just as happy with newsprint, recycled paper, or any scraps that are readily available. They love to use magazine pages, newspaper ads, discarded homework, etc. 

By taking advantage of this natural enthusiasm for snowflake cutting and simplifying the activity, it becomes a great opportunity to review basic shapes, aid development of hands and finger muscles, and build student independence and confidence.

Students will also have the opportunity to be creative through experimentation and practice. 

So, cut a stack of various size squares of various types of paper, model "How-To," hang the instruction poster and let the scraps start flying!

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