Holiday Shape-up

Shapes are all around us. In addition to the traditional math units on shapes, we can meet geometry standards through construction or art projects. Using triangles, circles, squares, and rectangles, students can create trees, Santas, elves, and reindeer. These projects give students practical and hand-on opportunities to work with shapes of various sizes and orientations. Construct projects also provide opportunities for students to draw shapes and use shapes to form larger shapes. 

According to the Common Core Kindergarten intro, math instructional time should focus on numbers and shapes. Use art projects during the holiday season and throughout the year to learn about shapes in a fun and meaningful way.

Be assured that you are teaching the Common Core by using this Common Core Geometry Unit for kindergarten. There are two lesson for each geometry standard. 

Contents include: 

Shape Walk: Finding Shapes in the Environment

Shapes Guided Reading Book: Identifying Shapes in the Environment

Shape Bingo: Identifying Shapes

Shape Memory: Identifying Shapes

3D Match-up: Identifying Three Dimensional Shapes

Shape Graph: Describing and Graphing Shapes

X The Shape: Analyzing and Comparing Shapes

The Shape Song: Learning Shapes Through Song

Touch the Shape: Analyzing and Comparing Shapes

My Shape Me: Building a Person Drawing Shapes

Making Shapes: Making 3D Shapes with Clay

Shape Puzzles: Composing Shapes to Make a Larger Shape

Triangle Duck: Composing Shapes to Make a Larger Shape

Rectangle Giraffe: Composing Shapes to Make a Larger Shape

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