Not Another Worksheet, Please!

I have mentioned before that my grandson T is a kindergartner. It is great fun for me, because I love how he gives me teaching tips all of the time.  

So I asked T the other day what he does at school. "Well." He said. "First we fill out a paper and then we get a new paper and then we fill out another paper." I probably had a look of horror on my face because he said, "Don't worry Nana, we played a game once!"

I certainly hope that my students are telling their Nana's, "Don't worry Nana, we filled out a paper once!"

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  1. Poor little guy! That makes me sad. Worksheets are NOT teaching anything. Mine say, "What is this? A worksheet?!" Of course, I have to explain to my parents as the other 2 teachers on my team use a lot of worksheets. I just take a lot of pictures!! :)

  2. It makes me sad too because he is not getting the Kindergarten experience he deserves. Thanks to teachers like you, hopefully we can put a stop to the madness!

  3. Where can I find a link to your items?

  4. There are links to our products on the right menu bar,on the top menu bar (our products), or you may go directly to our TPT store. Thanks for taking a look!


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