Ladybugs at the Science Center

9000 Ladies in Red 

The students love looking at the red crawling creatures up close and personal as they can study, observe, hypothesize and record about ladybugs. These bugs can be ordered from 
I have ordered from many other companies with less than desired results. This one is great! Ladybugs arrive very healthy!

(Oh, by the way... soak raisins in hot water for a few hours and lay on the bottom of the container upon a damp paper towel to feed the hungry creatures. Spray the towel daily to keep towel damp-not wet.)
The best thing about these bugs is that You can put out as many ladybugs at a time as you wish and place the others in your refrigerator to hibernate until you are ready for them! So right now I have 4500 in the center. Next weekend I will put those bugs in my garden and get out the next 4500 to observe. This really extends the life of the science center. 

Recording information in our "Math and Science Journals."

Hum! That's how it looks to a bug!

Extension at the art center. 
Glue 3 strips across the back with sides hanging over a black oval,
turn over and voila, three legs on each side! 
Next cut a red oval in half, spread to make the wings. 
Add eyes and antennae!

Like Bugs? We have a cure for that!


  1. I just discovered your awesome blog! I am loving all of your ideas. I noticed that one of you said you were getting ready for "60"!! Kindergarteners. Does that mean you teach 2 half day classes? I teach in Utah and would love to see what your daily schedule looks like to fit all of this wonderful stuff in my day! Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  2. Yes, we teach 1/2 day sessions! We would love to share our schedules with you. I will try to get a post together soon about them, or press the contact us on the right side of the blog. This will email me directly for your request. Thanks for following!


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