End of the Year Program Song

You will find the words to this original song, that can be adapted for any grade level, in our packet of end of the year essentials available at our TPT store. Please follow the link above

Vocabulary Book

When I taught first grade, one of my favorite activities was our class Vocabulary Book. Each week, we would pick a word from one of the week's books. Then the children would come up with a definition for that word. They would then write their word, their definition, and draw a picture to go with the word. At the end of the year the children could take home their vocabulary book as a dictionary of some of the words they had learned over the year.

Today, we read a book by Joy Cowley that contained the word "fierce" and the children wanted to know what it meant. I asked them what they thought and they decided that (because of the context) the definition of fierce is "mean". After we finished the book I gave them all a piece of paper, showed them how to write the word "fierce" and instructed them all to draw a picture of the word.

I was amazed with how wonderful their work turned out! I think next year I'll bind a book of blank pages to be their Kindergarten Vocabulary Book. Each week we can draw a picture of a new word. I think the result will turn out to be a pretty priceless treasure. I'll let you know how it works out!


Summer Homework Packet

We have posted our summer homework packet at our TPT store. If you want your students to practice early math and reading skills during the summer, as well as have some fun, check it out!